Salberg Law Firm = Business Law. This specialization lets us keep up on the latest developments in corporate law, M&A, employment law, contract law, eCommerce, and business litigation.


Corporate Law

Creating a solid business entity is one of the first steps to getting your business off on the right foot. We help businesses choose the appropriate entity (e.g., corporation or LLC), form the organization, and prepare the governing documents.

Mergers and Acquisitions

There are many legal issues when starting a business, whether you start by purchasing an existing business or from scratch. Salberg Law Firm is experienced in helping business owners and entrepreneurs with all aspects of buying or selling businesses.

Employment Law

Employment agreements. Independent Contractor Agreements. Employee Handbooks. Employment Law Compliance. There is a lot to consider whenever you hire someone. Salberg Law Firm can help make the process go smoothly.

General Counsel

Project management and legal skills combine to make Salberg Law Firm a preferred General Counsel for Wisconsin small businesses. For businesses who need a general business lawyer but do not need to have one on staff full time, Salberg Law Firm is here to help.



Contracts should be written so they are understood. When existing contracts are written in “Legalese,” we help you understand what they mean. When drafting contracts, we use Plain English. Salberg Law Firm is committed to keeping “time bombs” out of our clients’ filing cabinets by ensuring that contracts say what the parties mean.

Regulatory Compliance

Salberg Law Firm is highly experienced in helping businesses navigate the complex regulatory minefield without detonation.

Consumer Finance Law

Amy Salberg has specialized expertise in consumer finance law, having represented some of the largest financial institutions in the world in compliance and litigation over the course of her practice. She continues to represent financial institutions, merchants, and finance companies, providing specialized expertise cultivated over many years at a reasonable rate.


General Business and Commercial Litigation

Salberg Law Firm is experienced in successfully representing businesses in legal disputes with employees, customers, suppliers, or others.

Consumer Law Defense

Amy Salberg has extensive experience defending businesses against consumer disputes, including federal and class action lawsuits, with a track record of success.

Contract Disputes

Sometimes, two parties to a contract just can’t agree on what the contract means or figure out how to work with one another anymore. This can lead to disputes, which Salberg Law Firm is well-suited to help work through or, when necessary, take to court.