“I have had the pleasure of being Amy’s client the past 7+ years and have worked with her on both large-scale and small cases and projects. I have found Amy’s analysis and legal counsel to be invaluable! She excels in dissecting complex legal issues with straightforward organized techniques for her clients’ benefit.”
— STEVE MULLER, Chief Executive Officer at DPR Investments
“The value that I got out of working with Amy was significant. She made the situation easy for me when I had a million other things to think about in running a business. Her response rate was incredible – when I placed a phone call with her or left an e-mail, it was an immediate response. She changed my whole opinion of working with a lawyer; she’s very comfortable. If anyone is looking for a lawyer to work with, it is a no-brainer for me to recommend Amy.”
— MATT KINNARD, Owner/President, Pro-Turf Solutions
“I felt comfortable and more at ease that Amy handled everything. I could sleep at night because it was in her hands. I set standards very high and Amy met them; it was a wonderful experience.”
— CARLA SCHMIT, Owner/President, Kapek, Inc.
“Amy cuts to the chase and asks the right questions; she makes the right recommendations. I need someone who I can put the ball in their court and they can just take it and do it; Amy took the ball, she ran with it, and she got it done.”
— CHRIS WENZEL, Owner/President, Alexssa Computing Solutions, Inc.
“Amy has provided expert counsel and advice on consumer finance related issues to our credit union on several occasions. I’ve found her knowledge level, especially as it relates to the Wisconsin Consumer Act, to be unmatched. Her straight forward, efficient approach is greatly appreciated.”
— MIKE LONG, UW Credit Union, Madison, Wisconsin
“Amy has been hugely accommodating in meeting our small business’ legal needs. We first worked together when we were on a super tight deadline to finalize a client contract. Not only was she ready to lend a hand at the drop of a hat, but she explained everything in a way that made sense to creatively-minded business owners like ourselves. She’s that secret ingredient that allows us to do what we love, be creative, while avoiding any legal worry that could sneak up.”
— SARAH FELDMANN, Clever Dog Creative, West Bend, Wisconsin
“Amy is an exceptionally bright, personally delightful, consumer financial services attorney and litigator who brings incredible regulatory knowledge, gained as a state regulator, and all of her considerable personal skills to bear in solving clients’ problems, rendering consumer financial services opinions, and litigating consumer finance and commercial issues. I heartily and highly recommend Amy with the utmost enthusiasm.”
— LAWRENCE YOUNG, Partner, HughesWattersAskanase, Houston, Texas
“Amy is our top choice for consumer lending litigation and regulatory compliance matters in Wisconsin. She’s a knowledgeable and reliable lawyer, with a good sense of the practical and business implications of legal issues. In addition, Amy is personable and friendly — a true star.”
— RALPH WUTSCHER, Managing Principal, McGinnis Wutscher Beiramee LLP, Chicago, Illinois
“Having worked with Amy on several occasions, I would recommend her legal advice. Amy is thorough in her analysis and in providing detailed opinion for the matter being considered.”
— ROBERT ZONDAG, First Wisconsin Bank and Trust, Brookfield, Wisconsin